Article 1: Name

The organisation shall be called The Hope Network.
Article 2: Liability

  1. No member of THE HOPE NETWORK shall by virtue of her/his membership have any claim to the assets of the association.
  2. No member of THE HOPE NETWORK shall be liable for fulfilling any obligation or for settling any debts incurred by the association.
  3. THE HOPE NETWORK may function as a body corporate and shall have an existence distinct from its members or office-bearers. Additionally, the organisation shall continue to exist not withstanding changes in the composition of its membership or office-bearers.
  4. THE HOPE NETWORK may, at its discretion, award any member or office-bearer reasonable compensation for services rendered.

Article 3: Objectives
The objectives of THE HOPE NETWORK are:

  1. To raise the profile of women scientists and engineers in South Africa
  2. To provide leadership and role models for young people wishing to enter the fields of science and engineering
  3. To provide an annual scholarship for a South African female student entering her 4th/honours year in the fields of science and/or engineering (medical fields included).

Article 4: Powers of the Organisation

  1. To raise and receive funds for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the organization, and to maintain accounts and deposits.
  2. To form partnerships with other ethical, charitable or corporate organisations or individuals, which help the organization to achieve its objectives.
  3. To undertake all educational, printing and publishing services that will benefit the organization and provide information and advice to all interested parties.
  4. To apply for and receive financial help in the form of donations, grants and gifts to be used to help the organization achieve its objectives.
  5. To pay from the organisaton’s funds all lawful expenses incurred to achieve the organisation’s objectives.
  6. To enable members to elect voluntary committees.

Article 5: Membership and Membership Fees

  1. Membership is free and will be open to all women who:
    • are working, or have worked, professionally in South Africa in the fields of science or engineering, or
    • hold a B Tech diploma, a BSc or BSc(Eng) degree or higher degree in science or engineering, or
    • are, or have been, school teachers of science, biology or mathematics in South Africa.
  2. Membership will be open to all men in the above categories who wish to associate themselves with the objectives of THE HOPE NETWORK.
  3. Application for membership shall be on the prescribed form obtainable from the website or via email.
  4. Any person who has been admitted as a member of THE HOPE NETWORK shall retain her/his membership until she/he resigns, or until her/his membership is terminated by the Committee.

Article 6: Committees

  1. A Committee shall be elected to oversee all functions, including the chair, the treasury and the administration of the website and mailing list. Nominations for these positions will be called for from all existing members of THE HOPE NETWORK. All members of THE HOPE NETWORK will be asked to vote for the members of the Committee and a simple majority will be required for election. In the case of a tied vote members will be asked to vote again. The term of office of the Committee shall be two years.
  2. A selection committee shall be elected annually to oversee the selection of shortlisted candidates for the annual scholarship. The term of office of the selection committee shall run for the duration of the selection process.
  3. All Committee decisions shall be reached via committee consensus.


Article 7: Meetings

  1. Meetings (commonly in the form of Annual General Meetings) shall be held at the discretion of the Committee but members may request a meeting. At least one meeting must be held every year. The quorum for these meetings will be 10% of the membership.
  2. Meetings of the Committees shall be at the discretion of the Chair and members of each committee but it is envisaged that most of the business of the committee will be by distance communication. At least one meeting must be held every year.

Article 8: Fundraising and Financial Statements

  1. THE HOPE NETWORK shall be permitted to raise funds from the private or public sector. All money will be deposited into a central account, which the treasurer will manage. Requests for money should be made in writing by the person concerned and must be endorsed by the chair.
  2. The treasurer shall submit an audited financial statement of the assets and liabilities of THE HOPE NETWORK to all members on an annual basis. An auditor or honorary auditor shall be appointed by the Committee.
  3. The THE HOPE NETWORK financial year shall run from 1 March to 28 February.

Article 9: Amendments to the Constitution
The Constitution can be changed by a 2/3 majority of all members. Members can accept or decline changes by email.

Article 10: Dissolution of THE HOPE NETWORK
On dissolution of THE HOPE NETWORK, after all liabilities have been met, its assets shall be handed over to any organisation or society designated and approved by the Committee.